Profitability improvement


If you want to improve your profitability minimum by 1% per month via automation of your business process keep in touch with accredited freelancers here.

Digital Village


What is Digital Village?

1. Digital Village is a platform for IT professionals to make money via resolving challenges of business.

2. It is for improving business profitability via application of information technology and computer science.

3. This service provided by home based independent individual technocrats engineers and entrepreneurs.

Are you confident enough in your abilities to resolve a challenge digitally?

It may be as small as creating a mail account, creating facebook or LinkedIn page to as complex as security review.




Courtesy: YouTube

What is the career prospect in websites upgrading, analyzing, promoting, maintenance and development?

According to

We have more than

500 million active websites in the world and

48 Billion WebPages indexed by Google by end of 2013.

There is huge entrepreneurial vacuum for upgrading, promoting and analyzing on day to day or even hour to hour basis of these sites.

Even if we conservatively estimate one guy could handle 10 sites daily

We need at least 50 million expert entrepreneurs to make money from this huge opportunity.

This is the place to meet digital opportunities and digital minds willing to capitalize on opportunities.

Beware at the most in 2015 you can earn through this site Rs. 342 million if you worth more than that please don’t waste your time here.

Web development


Web development and maintain just 200 sites, per year @ Rs.5000 each so 200X5000 = make Rs 10,00,000

The $79 Endless Mini aims to reach billions without PCs

Profitability improvement

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